Peel blockEdit

The peel block is the oldest block in KGV, it was built in 1936 and the first building on the present school site.

Previously there were many classrooms, today, only a few senior school classrooms and one lps classroom remain, everything else is mainly offices though there is also the school foyer, staffrooms, library and also school hall.


The building design was found by Mr.rowell and then built at Ho man tin, the school was opened by the governer of Hong Kong back then which was Sir William Peel. This building then was taken over as a military hospital by the japenese during the japanese occupation of Hong Kong. Legends say the media room and part of the library were surgery rooms and screams and footsteps could be heard through the building at night. After the wall, a doctor engraved on the top of the hall entrance: Never in the field of human conflict to remind the students of peace. Later, the school built a library on the 1st floor of the peel block. They also built science rooms in the peel block too. The school then grew around peel block and became bigger and bigger.Soon, the peel block became a grade 2 historic building in Hong Kong, later in 2013when the science block opened,all science rooms moved there, soon, all classrooms except a few moved out, the reading centre then was replaced with the learning resoure centre and leo's cafe.The school has now renovated most of the block but kept most of it like when it was first opened. The cannons which used in the world war 2 located in the quads are now gone too.


The block has 2 floors, the block is shaped like an E, the first floor has the school hall, foyer, data office, staffrooms, middle school office,examination office, printer rooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms and also school office and more. There are stairs to the 2nd floor, the 2 quads are located in the block and the ground floor toilets are at the back where the gym is, the gym is connected by stairs and a part of the peel block, toilets are located there, the gym is only accesible by the first floor or the back entrance. 

The 2nd floor has senior school student classrooms, a library, a media room. There is a connection to the vertical extension and also stairs to the media room in the clock tower, the very top is restricted and therefore used to power the clock.