Rowell is the best house ever and the blue house in KGV, this house has been with KGV since the very start when the campus was in Tsim Sha Tsui, the house as gone over many names over the years but the house was finally named after Mr.Rowell who found a design for the peel block.


The house was first called Lugard and Saint Dunstan's in 1920s, in the 1930s the clumsy name was changed to blue, after the re opening of KGV in 1946, it became the house Rowell for the first time.

Heads of houseEdit

The heads of house used to be Mr.Croft and Ms.Tsui, now it is Ms.Jones and Mr.Steel, the head of middle school Mr.Fisher is in Rowell. There are 6 house captians. Even though Rowell was a bit of a bad house before, Rowell which is the house of the admin will rise from the grave, and beat all the houses do redeem the house cup once for and all.

House chantEdit

Captians:Are you rowell enough for this?

Others: We are rowell enoguh for this

Captians: Are you rowell enough for this?

Others: We are rowell enough for this?

All: We are rowell we are proud we are rowell enough for this!

All clap.